Seeding your lawn is the first step to a beautiful, green landscape.

Whether you’re filling in patchy areas or planting a new lawn altogether, effective seeding treatments are necessary for a healthy foundation. At Ideal Yard Solutions, our expert team of professionals offers a full range of proven lawn seeding services for Treasure Valley homeowners. From comprehensive lawn seeding treatments to fertilizing and weed control, we offer a wide variety of lawn maintenance services to install or restore lush, beautiful, green turf.

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Our Lawn Seeding Treatments

At Ideal Yard Solutions, we offer individual seeding treatments to suit the specific needs of your lawn. Below is a quick overview of the lawn seeding services we offer Treasure Valley homeowners.

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Spot Treatment

When patchy areas start popping up throughout your lawn, whether from weather, disease, or improper care, it can be difficult to get rid of them. At Ideal Yard Solutions, our lawn seeding treatments will fill in these patchy areas to provide you with a full, even lawn.

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If patchy areas have spread or your lawn has thinned due to improper care, we can provide you with an overseeding treatment for revival. Our expert team of professionals will apply optimized overseeding treatments to your entire lawn, resulting in thick, strong turf.

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When a lawn is beyond repair, starting from scratch may be necessary to turn it around. We’ll help you establish a strong foundation for a new lawn with beautiful, resilient turf, whether you’re planting a new lawn or breathing life into an existing one.

Lawn Seeding in Boise, Idaho

At Ideal Yard Solutions, we provide professional lawn seeding solutions for residential clients throughout the Treasure Valley. When you work with us, you’re choosing industry experts that will create customized solutions around your specific needs. We’ll help you choose the perfect seed for Idaho’s harsh climate, apply it to your lawn, and develop an optimized maintenance plan going forward for long-term health.

Contact us today by filling out our online form or give us a call at (208) 314-9195 to create a lawn seeding plan that’s right for you. With us, you can feel good knowing your home is getting the best treatment.