When you invest in a sprinkler system for your commercial landscape, repair is a part of the future.

While sprinkler startup, repair, and winter blowouts can be annoying, they don’t have to be hard with the help of Ideal Yard Solutions. Our expert team of professionals will ensure your sprinkler system is working at peak performance, so your lawn and plants get the water they need to stay healthy and beautiful.

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Our Sprinkler Maintenance Services

When it comes to an attractive business, regular sprinkler maintenance is important. Below are some of the sprinkler maintenance services we provide:

boise sprinkler repair


Keeping your sprinklers in good working order can be costly. That’s why Ideal Yard Solutions provides basic sprinkler repair at discount prices. If you have a leaky pipe, a broken head, or a broken controller, we’ve got you covered.

boise sprinkler maintenance

Spring Startup

Typically $100-200 for most residential properties, we can come out to your business to turn on and test all your sprinklers to ensure they are in working order and program your controller for the year.

boise sprinkler blowouts


In the Treasure Valley, it is important to have your sprinklers winterized before winter. We will come out to your business and blow all the water out of your sprinkler lines to prevent them from freezing, which could lead to costly repairs.

Sprinkler Maintenance in Boise, Idaho

At Ideal Yard Solutions, we provide sprinkler maintenance solutions for our commercial clients throughout the Treasure Valley. Our expert team of professionals will create a plan that helps us strategize and prioritize the projects you need taken care of. With a sprinkler maintenance plan for your commercial property, you can feel good knowing your business is getting the best treatment.

Contact us today by filling out our online form or give us a call at (208) 314-9195 to create a sprinkler maintenance plan that’s right for you.